Here’s Why You Should Do Financial Planning | Personal finance news

  Here's Why You Should Do Financial Planning |  Personal finance news

There are many companies that are taking care of the financial structuring in the most meticulous manner.

How to get safe and secure financial planning?


  • Bengaluru-based GoalTeller is endeavouring to help users build financial plans and solve a variety of their financial quandaries, with the help of automated and predictive technology.

  • Founded by Vivek Banka and Abhisek Puglia, GoalTeller helps to achieve your financial goals.

 Aspects covered

GoalTeller’s  proprietary algorithms simulate various situations of life and create a customized financial plan covering investment, insurance, taxes, goals and more. Their fully automated advisory ensures that their recommendations are communicated to all users uniformly. The platform would prompt and nudge users continuously and all such prompts/nudges will be hyper-personalized. It caters to everyone from a young first-time earner to ones who are already on the journey of wealth creation.

Investments: Covers all aspects of investments including asset allocation as per risk profile, diversification and choosing the right instruments. It also provides users with personalised scores based on their investments.

 Lifestyle: Takes care of the expenses, savings, makes sure that the user’s lifestyle is in line with the goals set by the user and that they are sustainable.

 Security: While traditional advisors focus only on insurance, GoalTeller looks at securing the future of the family not just via insurance but also ensuring a smooth succession planning in case any eventuality happens with the primary bread earner. Tax: Advice on tax-effective investments and optimiser tools to help users plan their taxes better.

 Analytics: An ingenious tool that provides deep insights into a user’s finances and plans return in a better way. The company acts as a personal financial guide rather than an investment advisor only. The platform would cater to both retail and mass affluent clientele. It will be a ‘freemium’ platform that will allow users to get tangible outputs in the free module while a more detailed advisory in the premium and super-premium modules. GoalTeller also has a wide range of quick and free tools that help users get solutions to their financial dilemmas by completing a few steps, without logging in.

 Any emergency brings in lots of exigencies and these exigencies impact financial goals. GoalTeller’s tools and advisory suggest users short-term and long-term changes which help them stay on course for their goals. In case certain goals are not achievable, they suggest alternative goals or alternative financing options.