Here’s everything Amazon announced at the September hardware event

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But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything the company announced today.

Amazon hosted its annual fall hardware event on Tuesday. It’s a shame the company didn’t stream the trial to the public as it was full of announcements. We’ve seen everything from new Echo devices to an Alexa-powered robot.


  • Amazon Astro

  • Here’s a quick summary of all the products and services that Amazon announced today.

More than just Alexa on wheels, Astro will also have features of its own, including the ability to do things like beatbox and rest on command.

The Amazon Astro is a new Wall-E-like autonomous robot by the company that integrates Alexa and its AI capabilities with some hardware on wheels. The Astro is a robot pet with a periscope camera with live feed support, Ring Protect Pro support, and more.

Astro is also smart enough to navigate around your house without the need for any preset routes. Astro can move, see, hear, understand and act on its own, making it a completely autonomous device. The robot will start at $999 and will be an invite-only product.

Amazon also hinted at an Astro 2 that will come later and be even smarter.

Amazon Smart Thermostat The new thermostat by Amazon works with Alexa and remains energy efficient. Amazon has partnered with Honeywell Home to enable the smart thermostat to be compatible with existing Hvac systems. The product is also priced at just $59.99.

The thermostat can automatically sense situations and regulate temperature accordingly. It will also work with commands like “Goodnight” to regulate temperatures accordingly.


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