Here is a list of all the paid Halo Infinite skins and they’ll make you a nice penny

Here is a list of all the paid Halo Infinite skins and they'll make you a nice penny

While Halo Infinite has garnered favourable reviews, there has been significant debate about the game’s paid battle pass and advancement.

With its surprising release on Xbox platforms and PCs in November, Halo Infinite multiplayer stole the show. While there were whispers in the lead-up to the release, it progressively gathered traction during launch week, with over 200,000 concurrent gamers on Steam at one point.


  • Further investigation has revealed that owning all the skins could set you back quite an amount based on current store prices, approximately clocking in as high as $1000 USD.

  • With the game in the hands of dataminers, we’re now learning of additional Halo Infinite cosmetics to come via its paid marketplace. These cosmetics are expected to launch via the Halo Infinite shop, a new addition in its latest entry, with various premium cosmetics only obtainable via real-world cash.

Halo Infinite multiplayer was announced during Microsoft’s 20th anniversary to celebrate two decades of its console business. It launched on the PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S consoles on Nov. 15.

Items in the store currently vary in pricing, starting from $5 and going all the way to $20. For the first time in its history, Halo has a free multiplayer component, and as such, these cosmetics microtransactions help support the title in the long term. These are just a subset of planned cosmetics, available through Season 1, which is expected to last until May 2022.