“He certainly thought blacks weren’t champion material”

Former WWE superstar Ahmed Johnson was UnSKripted’s special guest with SK Wrestling Dr. Chris Featherstone.

SK Wrestling’s Riju Dasgupta asked Johnson how Jim Cornette really was like backstage when they worked together in WWE. Initially, Johnson chose not to comment on Jim Cornette as UnSKripted was a neat show, and Johnson had a few swear words for the former WWE manager.

Ahmed Johnson, however, would argue that Jim Cornette did not consider African American talent a world champion material.

Cornette never really mentioned his true feelings to Ahmed Johnson, but if he did, the former WWE wrestler claimed that “there would be no more Jim Cornette” after the fight. Johnson’s statement was not even a veiled threat.

Johnson, the first African American superstar to win a WWE IC Championship single title, concluded by labeling Cornette a coward.

Here’s what Johnson said:

“I can’t curse on this show, so I won’t even tell you. No, his second thoughts were; surely he thought blacks weren’t champion material. I wish he did (tell Johnson his views). There would be no more Jim Cornette. It’s one of those …
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