Handmade products from a local business owned by refugees

Handmade products from a local business owned by refugees

African Roots Fashion has everything from home decor to fashion accessories. All items are both handmade and collected mainly from Congo and other places in Africa. Bahati gave viewers a hint on new and exclusive items that will be accessible on their website in early January!

Today on GTU, we are highlighting a refugee-owned business right here in the state of Utah. Rosette Bahati, CEO, and founder of African Roots Fashion is here showcasing beautifully handmade products that are available to purchase. 


  • With the hardships the world has been facing over the past two years, refugee owner Rosette Bahati, wants to give back and donate a portion of African Roots’ sales to families struggling in refugee camps in Uganda and Congo. Direct donations are also appreciated!

  • Models Diane Bahati, Nadine Bahati, and Arlette Bahati showed some of the pieces on air. 

African Roots Fashion can be found on their Etsy shop, Website, and on Instagram.

The business is always welcome to community volunteers that wish to help support refugees both here and abroad. To get involved you could host a trunk show in your community, share resources that could be beneficial to support other refugees, or provide any kind of sponsorship to further the business.