Green Life Farms releases butterhead lettuce to favourable acclaims

Green Life Farms releases Butterhead lettuce with favorable acclaim

Business News: Green Life Farms releases butterhead lettuce to favourable acclaims.

Green Life Farms operates a state-of-the-art 100,000 square foot hydroponic greenhouse in Lake Worth Florida, with four additional facilities under development, licensing and engineering for an additional 1.2 million square feet of greenhouses with further planned future expansion. Incorporating agriculture with technology, Green Life Farms provides consumers with premium, fresh, local, flavorful and clean green leafy vegetables that are good for their bodies, families, communities and the planet – all year round. .

Green Life Farms, the eco-friendly commercial hydroponic grower in Lake Worth, recently launched a new product: Butterhead Lettuce. As Green Life Farms’ first full-head lettuce variety, this new product diversifies the company’s product line while providing the ability to work towards brand exclusivity in the Florida market, which currently has a limited selection of lettuce. full head hydroponics.

Green Life Farms products are currently sold in more than 75 grocery stores across South Florida, including the largest regional grocery chain and several boutique markets. Additionally, Green Life Farms has partnered with one of the largest meal delivery services in the United States to serve its customers throughout the Southeast. Green Life Farms continues to expand its distribution network and expects to reach 100 locations in the first quarter.

The new Butterhead lettuce is sold with its roots still attached, helping it retain flavor, freshness, and nutrients. With a buttery texture and larger, crispier leaves, this versatile product is ideal for lettuce sandwiches and wraps, as well as salads. Customer response has been strong. Green Life Farms also offers baby leaf varieties including Baby Kale, Baby Arugula, Baby Romaine and Farmer’s Blend.

Green Life Farms process combines technology with best agricultural practices to grow premium green leafy vegetables, with a focus on sustainability, energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. Its flavorful produce is grown without soil in clean, nutrient-rich hydrogen peroxide, using natural sunlight and airflow in state-of-the-art greenhouses. The greens are hand-picked and packaged in a controlled environment to create the cleanest produce all year round and delivered locally to ensure premium freshness and a small carbon footprint.