Google’s “Switch to Android” app will take a little longer to get to the Pixels

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The Verge states that a Google spokesperson by the name of Ivy Hunt has confirmed that in a few weeks everyone should be able to access the ‘Switch to Android’ app. For that to happen, though, Google must first release an update to Pixel phones that would enable them to work with the info transferring app. Switch to Android will work much like other similar applications that aid in transferring your information from one phone to another. When you open it up, you will have a QR code presented on the screen, which you can then scan with your Pixel phone to initiate the process of copying all the files and stored personal information.

It’s always been as tough to switch from iOS to Android and vice versa as it is to cross the border between two unfriendly neighbouring countries. While you can utilise classic ways such as copying all of your files to Google Drive or using a cable (yuck, cables), a more current solution would be to automate and wirelessly accomplish things. The news that Google was working on a ‘Switch to Android’ app to simplify the process of switching from an Apple smartphone easier and more intuitive recently surfaced. The software itself is already available on the App Store, but it is still unlisted and is being progressively sent out to consumers throughout the world.


  • The app will initially work only with Pixel phones, but unfortunately, there is no word yet on how long we would have to wait for other Android devices to be able to make use of the app. It is safe to assume that the Galaxies and OnePlus’ out there would also receive support for Switch to Android sooner or later. Until then, Google has listed all the other routes you can go when transferring your data from iOS to Android, so you can try those out if you don’t want to wait a few more weeks. On a scale from 1-10, how difficult would you say it is to transfer your data from iOS to Android? Also, how do you feel it compares to the opposite scenario?


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