Google’s mighty Pixel 6 gets a 50% Black Friday discount. (no exchange)

  Google's mighty Pixel 6 gets a 50% Black Friday discount.  (no exchange)

Just like in the case of Ma Bell’s absolute iPhone 11 Pro steal, this killer holiday promo doesn’t come with a whole lot of special conditions. Namely, you don’t have to trade anything in, port in a number from a different carrier, or open a new line of service, let alone a new account altogether. The only requirements are postpaid unlimited wireless service (whether you’re a new or existing AT&T subscriber), a three-year installment agreement, and monthly bill credits.

We’re talking about the 6.4-inch Pixel 6, which is obviously much too young to be offered for free without a slew of conditions, instead costing $10.28 per month for three years. Stormy Black, 5G, 128GB Storage, 8GB RAM, Monthly Installments, and Bill Credits That’s a savings of $370 over AT&T’s original $739.99 advertised price, which was greater than what Google, T-Mobile, and even Verizon charged for the first (non-Pro) Tensor powerhouse for some reason.


  • Apart from stellar software support, this bad boy has an outstanding dual rear-facing camera system (especially by sub-$400 standards) going for it, as well as a hefty battery equipped with blazing fast charging capabilities, a smooth 90Hz AMOLED display, and a solid 8 gigs of RAM paired with 128GB internal storage space.

  • Naturally, that means you’ll have to wait 36 months to see the $370 savings reflected on your account, and coincidentally or not, Google’s 5G-enabled Pixel 6 is guaranteed to receive Android version updates until October 2024 (at the very least) while looking at an additional two years (or more) of certain security patches.