Google’s Material You design is coming to Gmail, Calendar, and Docs for Android

Google's Material You design is coming to Gmail, Calendar, and Docs for Android

The design changes mean Pixel devices with Android 12 or newer will be able to match the colors inside apps like Gmail, Google Meet, and Google Drive with their wallpapers for what Google calls a “more dynamic, personalized look.” Existing color schemes and color-coded file types and folders will remain unchanged within the apps, though. The subtle changes to the Gmail app design. Image: Google

Google is beginning to bring out its new Material You design concept to Android Gmail, Calendar, Docs, and other apps. Changes to navigation bars, updated action buttons, and Google’s Sans typography for greater readability will be part of the new appearance. It’s part of the larger Android 12 revamp, which also features huge, bubbly buttons, changing colours, better animations, and changes to built-in apps.


  • The design changes are already available in Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. They will also appear in Google Calendar on September 20th, and Google Meet on September 19th. All of the design changes are available to both personal Google accounts and Google Workspace customers.

  • Google is leaning in to more rounded corners. The end result is subtle but colorful changes to apps like Gmail, Calendar, and Docs. Google has really leaned further into rounded corners here, and the changes are mostly aesthetic, meaning button placements and core navigation won’t be changing.