Google’s iOS and Android search applications now support “seamless scrolling”

Google's iOS and Android search applications now support

As Google points out, even if you often find the result that you’re looking for in one of the first few responses that appear on the display, most people who want to search for more responses will browse up to four pages of results. Thanks to the update, this will be done automatically allowing users to view more pages before having to tap the button that reads “See more.”

Google published a blog post towards the end of last week detailing the most recent improvements to the Google Search app. Continuous scrolling, a new feature added to the app recently, will make the results more “seamless and intuitive.” When you reach the bottom of the search results on your phone’s screen, the following set of results will load automatically.


  • The continuous scrolling feature started rolling out last Thursday for most English searches on mobile. On our iPhone running iOS 15, the feature worked like a charm continuing to automatically load the next page full of results. Eventually, as we previously noted, we did run into the “See more” option.

  • For example, Google uses the timely question, “What can I do with pumpkins?,” as an example of a query that a user might want to see several pages of results for. Google says that “you may want to consider more results and inspiration before deciding how to move forward. Scrolling through a wider range of results may show you tons of options you hadn’t considered, like no-carve pumpkin decor ideas for Halloween, pumpkin seed recipes that make your pumpkin worth carving and more ideas for how to make the most out of your gourd.”