Google will fix a bug that prevents Safari’s AMP search results from that appears on the iOS 15 device

Google will fix a bug that prevents Safari's AMP search results from that appears on the iOS 15 device

The reason behind that is when you are using too many webpages in safari, it throws some of the unused tabs out of RAM. So you won’t feel any lag while browsing the current webpages.

Safari reload tabs when you come out of safari and reopen it after some time.


  • Note: This is the kind of behavior will be observed either when phone will run out of RAM or with the phone having low RAM like iPhone 4S, 5, 5S etc. I observed this kind of behaviors on my iPhone 4S but rarely saw this on 6S plus.

  • So when you again go into the previous tabs, it then accommodate those pages into the RAM and if require will quit previous from the RAM.

I found myself using reachability a lot for tapping the searchbar. From a user experience standpoint, I like the tab switching and repositioning. I however, still instinctively use reachability only to realise the searchbar has moved.

Until now, iOS Safari was same as macOS with top being search bar, which works fine for mousepad input but as phones have grown in size, it has become increasingly difficult to reach the top in one-hand-operation.

If you can’t open onlyfans in Safari on your iOS device, chances are pretty high that you have enabled the restriction of adult/offensive site.

To remove the restriction, head into the Settings app on your iPhone running iOS 12 or later> Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions (ensure that the switch for Content & Privacy Restrictions is enabled) > Content Restrictions > Wet Content. Now, make sure to choose Unrestricted Access.

After you have selected Unrestricted Access, quit Settings app. If Safari is open, force quit it (On iPhone and iPad with Face ID, swipe up from the Home bar and then swipe up to close the app. On iPhone and iPad with Touch ID, double press the Home button and then swipe up to close the app.) Now, try opening the onlyfans in Safari as usual. There shouldn’t be any problem now. Moreover, OnlyFans also offers a full-fledged iOS app which is available for free. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running iOS 12.2 or later. Ensure that your device is running the right software version.

Though the company doesn’t offer OnlyFans app in the Google Play Store, you can download the APK file to install the app on your Android device. While the app may not have an intuitive user-interface, it runs without any issues.