Google to soon charge you for using some editing features in Photos app

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Google Photos is an app that almost all Android (and even iPhone) the user relies on to backup the photos. This app has matured so much over the years that it is also used for photo editing. With the exception of the additional storage, all of these features were free for everyone, but that may change soon. Google Photos may place selected editing options behind a paywall, which may be part of Google One subscriptions.

In a bit of a disappointing move, Google could block its Photos users from accessing all filters. To unlock these filters, a Google One subscription will be required. The folks at XDA Developers have found several instances within the code of the latest Google Photos app (version 5.18) which point out that Google One subscriptions may soon bring additional features as Google moves to deprive free users.

This update, however, does not mention that information in full view. Only a teardown of the app revealed the Google Photos paywall feature. But this is the case for most users. A few select users pointed out that they are already seeing the paywall within their Google Photos app.

One such case includes a user who has accepted Twitter to reveal that the Photos app asks him to get a Google One subscription to unlock the “Color Pop” filter in the UK. The screenshots were shared by Mishaal Rahman of XDA Developers. The Google One subscription tier that unlocks this feature is priced at 1.59 GBP per month. This plan looks new because the 100GB storage plan costs € 1.99 per month in the UK.

Google, however, told The Verge that the “Color Pop” feature isn’t locked behind a paywall. The Google One subscription will only offer a better version of that feature that users will be able to use on more photos. This may not be a direct ad, but Google has confirmed that the Google One paywall is on its way.

In India, Google One costs Rs 130 per month for 100GB. If Google decides to move in this direction for its users in India as well, there may be a Google One subscription that will cost less than Rs 130 per month, going from the UK price. I’m not sure what Google has planned for Photos users, but this paywall definitely looks like the one that can ruin our favorite photo editing app.

Google has confirmed that a Google One subscription will be required to unlock some Photos features.

News Underline:

  • Google Photos may soon bring some features under the Google One subscription.
  • This would mean that you will have to pay for using some features of Photos.
  • The latest Google Photos update confirmed Google’s move.

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