Google tests feature that will let users compare apps on PlayStore

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Google may introduce a feature that will allow users to compare apps listed in the PlayStore. The Compare Apps feature, as the name suggests, shows direct comparisons between similar apps for the convenience of users. Google is currently testing the feature, so it is limited and available to some users on version 22.4.28 of the PlayStore app. The comparison apps show popular apps similar to the current list, comparing them based on things like ease of use, visual quality, and whether the app supports offline playback and streaming, etc.

The app comparison section appears in the individual app listings at the bottom of the page and is currently limited to popular media players, Android Police first reported.

Google PlayStore has over 2 million apps and it becomes difficult for users to decide which app to download. Comparisons make it convenient for users to select the best app. Google asks users for feedback, and the report speculates that the data displayed under the apps is based on user feedback that Google receives from users by asking simple questions. It’s unclear when Google will roll out this feature more broadly, and if so, the launch is likely to be a server-side step.

Earlier this month, Google tested deleting the hamburger menu from the Play Store. With the hamburger menu gone, Google plans to move the options available in the side panel into a floating window with a tap of the avatar in the top right corner. The test showed that this is where links to the app library, payments and subscriptions were found, among other things in the trial version.

Google is turning developers away from using burger menus due to larger screens and introducing shortcuts to the bottom navigation bars.

The Compare Apps section will help users with direct comparisons between similar apps based on ease of use, visual quality, if the app supports offline playback among other things.

News Underline:

  • Google is testing a feature that will compare similar apps on the PlayStore.
  • These comparisons make it convenient for users to select the best app.
  • The App Compare feature is limited and available to some users in PlayStore app version 22.4.28.

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