Google says Pixel 5 gap between display and frame is part of design

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We reported earlier that there are some Google Pixel 5 owners who have noticed a gap between the display and the frame of the phone. The gap issue has raised concerns from many users and has also questioned the Pixel 5’s IP68 water resistance. In response to reports posted by users on the Google Pixel forums, the company just said that the visible gap between the display and the frame of the Pixel 5 the phone is part of the design.

Google has kind of dismissed all complaints about the Google Pixel 5 gap issue. The company has rather called it “a normal part of your Pixel 5 design.” Google further stated that the noticeable vent between the screen and bezel will have no effect on the Pixel 5 smartphone’s water and dust resistance.

Community specialist, David Pop, on Google’s official support page wrote: “We have had the opportunity to review customer units and, in combination with our factory quality control data, we can confirm that the change in clearance between the body and the display are a normal part of your Pixel 5’s design. There is no effect on the water and dust resistance or functionality of your phone. We will work with customers on an individual basis to address any concerns they may have. to have “.

After the company’s response to the Pixel 5 gap problem, users have become even more enraged and willing to change their device. Many users who have raised their concern have opted for a replacement and received a new Google Pixel 5 phone with the same gap issue. While Google doesn’t see it as a problem and have called it part of the design, this could certainly not relieve Pixel 5 owners.

Concerned users are either looking for a solid reason from the company for the gap between the phone screen and the Pixel 5 frame or are asking Google to offer a money back guarantee in case of future problems.

One of the users on the support page wrote: “I have the same problem. What happened with the quality of Google phones? I feel that Google no longer cares about pixels. I’ll have to go back to OnePlus.” As the company relaxes by saying that the gap in Pixel 5 is normal, many phone users doubt the quality of the latest Pixel smartphone. This could also benefit Google Pixel 5’s competitors in the smartphone market.

Google Pixel 5 owners previously reported a gap between the screen and the frame of the phone. The company, in response, calls it a normal part of design.

News Underline:

  • Google Pixel 5 owners previously spotted a vent between the phone screen and the bezel.
  • The gap issue has raised doubts about the Pixel 5’s IP68 rating.
  • Google, in one response, defines the gap between the Pixel 5’s screen and bezel as part of the design.

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