Google rolls out haircut booking feature for Assistant’s AI-powered calling service Duplex

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Duplex, Google Assistant’s AI-powered calling service, is now rolling out its haircut booking feature to some users in the United States. Duplex AI was already used for restaurant reservations or to book appointments against the backdrop of the pandemic on behalf of its user.

The haircut booking feature that has been suspended by Google for some time can now be used by setting the date and time for an appointment. The Google Assistant can also be notified of a time frame so it can make changes.

Users must also indicate if they have already been in the company and optionally enter the name of a stylist, as well as provide contact information such as name, telephone number and email address. Duplex supports three basic services: a men’s cut, a women’s cut, or a general haircut.

According to a VentureBeat report that detected the development, users can ask the Google Assistant to call barbers, hairdressers, and salons to book appointments on their behalf without having to make calls themselves. Google Duplex services that have launched in the US have recently been extended to the UK, Australia and Canada. Services are also available in Mexico, New Zealand and Spain.

The haircut booking appointment feature is largely similar to the restaurant booking feature which started launching in November 2018. The new Duplex haircut appointment feature can be used from any device with the Google Assistant app or access to Google Search or Maps.

Google Duplex has been criticized in the past for its limitations. The first problem was that there was no consensus drawn from businesses or restaurant owners as these calls were made by the AI. Second, there was no certainty whether the voice on the other side was that of an AI or a human. Google has since made extensive efforts to maintain greater transparency with its users and businesses.

According to the report, Duplex makes it clear that the call is automated in the beginning and does not call late at night or early in the morning. In all countries, Duplex informs the person on the other side that they are registering.

Google has started rolling out the haircut booking feature for Assistant’s AI-based service, Duplex. The feature will be launched for the first time in the US and will gradually be available in other countries.

News Underline:

  • Google launched its AI Duplex based calling service in 2018.
  • The haircut booking feature for Google Duplex was launched in the United States.
  • The Duplex haircut booking function can be used by communicating the date and time of an appointment to the Google Assistant.

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