Google Play Music app shuts down, music transfers cannot be made after December 2020

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The Google Play Music app is closing and some app users are noticing the change. When app users now open Google Play Music, they are likely to see a white splash screen with a Play Music logo turning into a YouTube Music one. Users receive the message “Google Play Music is no longer available” or “You will soon lose access to Google Play Music”.

Users get two buttons to be redirected to YouTube Music to transfer their music and to manage data. Once users transfer their Google Play Music data, including libraries and recommendation history, their app widget will disappear from the home screen, Android Central noted.

Not all users will get this message at once, but Google Play Music is sure to become completely dead by December. The report notes that changing the phone dates will not reset the app unless users decide to download an older version of the app and close the automatic updates. Users can also free up phone storage space from previously downloaded songs or offline music by going to the management App Store and clearing caches.

Last week the web client for Google Play Music went dead. The Google Play Music webpage said: “The music store on Google Play is no longer available”. Google has reminded its longtime Google Play Music users to make their transfers by December 2020, after which their Google Play Music collections will no longer be available.

After December 2020, all user data will be deleted, so you need to make sure all transfers are done much earlier in advance. Youtube, meanwhile, plans to add new features to expand the smart TV music experience with Youtube Music.

After Google Play Music closed for the web last week, the service started closing the store for app users and asked users to switch to the YouTube Music app.

News Underline:

  • The Google Play Music app has started to shut down for some users.
  • Google Play Music for the web went dead last week.
  • Users have until December 2020 to make the necessary changes, after which all their data will be deleted.

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