Google Pixel 6 event: rumors and what to expect

Google Pixel 6 event: rumors and what to expect

It all begins with the custom-developed Tensor chip. It will power the pair of Google phones that will be unveiled and it’s expected to be capable of running with the likes of the Apple A14 Bionic and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888.

It’s been a couple years since Google announced such a comprehensive Pixel lineup, yet here we are, just days away. With the Snapdragon 765G-equipped Pixel 5, Google will bring the Pixel series back to flagship status after a break in 2020. In addition, the Pixel brand will return to a more traditional lineup, with a standard, more affordable variant and a more costly, plus-sized one.


  • It will run 4 efficient cores at 1.8GHz, 2 cores at 2.25GHz and 2 cores at 2.8GHz. Rumors suggest those are 4 Cortex-A55’s, 2 Cortex-A76’s, and 2 Cortex-X1’s – the latter of which would be a precedent, so we remain skeptical about it. Cortex-X1 cores are big and very powerful, but are also very power-hungry and would be very hard to keep from overheating or chewing through the battery. Eventually, we’ll find out the nitty-gritty about the Tensor, but suffice it to say that it’s a flagship-grade SoC in 2021.

  • The Tensor chip is co-developed with Samsung and is said to be based on the unreleased Exynos 9855 – a 5nm chip with the level of performance of the Exynos 2100 inside the Galaxy S21 series. Early Geekbench results weren’t particularly impressive, but we did find out more about the architecture of the Tensor chip.

If the Google Pixel 6 doesn’t show up at its own launch event, something has gone seriously wrong on Google’s end. Did it stay out too late the night before and wake up with no memory of the night before, and have to go through some Vegas-themed comedy set pieces to find the Pro before the launch event?

Tensor will do a few special things on the next-gen Pixels. It allows for Astrophotography, though you’d need a stable surface or a tripod. It brings an up to 80% improvement in performance, says Google. And it features the Titan M2 security chip to protect from attacks.

Less has come out about the Pixel 6 than its big sibling. It’ll possibly have a 50MP main and 12MP ultra-wide camera, a screen with a 90Hz refresh rate, 8GB of RAM and 33W charging.