Google Photos New Update – Manual Tagging Available

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If you want to keep your phone storage clean and free, then Google Photos is a good way to do so. By uploading on Google Photos, you can delete your photos from your phone storage. And even, through your Gmail, you can get your photos in any mobile device. Google has decided to make this helpful app more amazing by adding some cool new features.

google photos new update

After the new update, you can now tag the people in your photos, online. By tagging the person’s face in the photo, Google creates a database through which it can recognize people and pets.

Even if any unknown person appears in your photo, Google will easily recognize him/her by using its own database. However, recognizing an unknown person in a photo that is not taken from your phone, will not be permitted.

As doing that will hurt a person’s privacy, you may need to get specific permissions and confirmation from the person you are trying to recognize.

The manual tagging feature will help a lot to recognize criminals or any person in need, if the database permission is provided to the crime branch of a country. This is just like a revolution coming through.

For more information about the new Google Photos update.

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