Google Maps revamps Covid layer feature to show all-time detected cases, resources from authorities, live crowd in public transport

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Google Maps has made improvements to the Covid tier functionality to help users exit during the pandemic. The updated features will show more information and give users an idea of ​​the cases detected at all times in an area in case users intend to travel. In addition, Maps will also show the resources of authorities in an area. “This is especially useful if you are going out of town and need to be aware of local guidelines, site testing, and restrictions in another city,” Google noted.

Last month, Google Maps introduced the Covid layer in India to show containment zones in gray. Now, it has shared ways it will be safe for users to get information about an area they are traveling to.

Google Maps will help users keep social distances while traveling by showing real-time information about crowding. Using this feature, users can see how crowded their bus, train or subway line is based on real-time feedback from Google Maps users around the world.

Google Maps is also rolling out a feature that will show the real-time status of takeout and delivery orders on Maps itself. Users will also be able to view wait times and delivery rates and place orders from Google Maps. This feature will be available in India, the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia and Brazil.

Google is also rolling out improved functionality for the Google Assistant driving mode in Maps, for Android users in the United States. The improved functionality will help users send and receive calls and SMS, review new messages in messaging apps in one place with the help of Assistant. Users will also get alerts for incoming calls so they can focus on driving.

According to Google, the COVID layer functionality has helped nearly 10 million people obtain critical information about COVID-19 directly from Google Maps. It shows a seven-day average of new COVID cases per 100,000 people for the map area and a label indicating whether the cases are increasing or decreasing.

The function has been built in Mumbai, as of now, and will soon expand to other cities in India. To check the containment zones, which will be grayed out on Google Maps, users should:

– Update the Google Maps app

– Tap the levels button at the top right of the app

– Select COVID-19 Information

– Zoom in or Zoom out as required

Google Maps will also show real-time status of takeaway deliveries from restaurants. Users will also be able to see waiting times and delivery costs and place orders from Google Maps.

News Underline:

  • Google Maps has made improvements to the Covid tier functionality that will help users while traveling.
  • The updated features will give users an idea of ​​the cases detected at all times in an area and will also show the resources of the authorities in that area.
  • The maps will also show real-time crowding on a bus, train or subway line to help users select a mode of transportation.

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