Google just released a major Google Maps update for Android car users

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More specifically, Google Maps ended up displaying wrong roundabout information on the dashboard, although the directions shown on the larger screen on the console were correct. Users who turned to Google’s forums to describe the problem said Google Maps always tells them to turn around at the next roundabout, no matter the direction they should use. While some people managed to deal with the whole thing by downgrading to an earlier version of Google Maps – which was a clear sign the app itself was the one that required a fix, Google too was looking into all these reports, trying to bring things back to normal for everybody.

Many people believe that Google Maps and Android Auto are a perfect match made in heaven since it all makes sense. Since Google Maps is the most frequently used navigation system worldwide and both were developed by the same company, Android Auto should put them at ease. RHD automobiles currently show Google Maps in this manner. TomTom AmiGO and Android Auto Google Auto Sygic Waze Auto for Android Google Maps for Android Google Maps and Android Auto. However, users recently discovered a glitch that made using Google Maps on Android Auto substantially more difficult. This isn’t always the case.


  • Users who have previously downgraded to version 10.70 or 10.70.2 can also update to the new release safely – if automatic app updates have been disabled to prevent the latest build of Google Maps from being installed, make sure you enable them again on your mobile device.

  • And the latest update for Google Maps on Android and Android Auto finally corrects the problem. If you’re struggling with the same wrong roundabout information in your car, just make sure that you install Google Maps version 10.81, available right now in the Google Play Store (a minor revision bringing the app to version 10.81.1 has also been released minutes ago, so you can install this one too). Google has confirmed that version 10.81 and newer no longer include the broken roundabout guidance, no matter where you run the app.


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