Google is rolling out Android Auto updates and introducing a digital phone key

Google is rolling out Android Auto updates and introducing a digital phone key

Android Auto is gaining new features to make hitting the road easier, including a new auto-launch setting that automatically starts the dashboard interface as soon as the phone is connected to the car. A new always-on play button will also be added to the home screen, allowing users to queue up their favorite tunes with a single tap.

Google’s latest feature update simplifies the launch of Android Auto and allows BMW owners to unlock and start their vehicle with a tap of their phone. Google released a slew of updates for various Android apps and services this morning, including a few new automotive-related features for the Android Auto app mirroring software and the most recent Android phones.


  • Meanwhile, Google is making it easier to respond to text messages, integrating Google Assistant’s Smart Reply shortcuts into Android Auto for compatible apps. If the Assistant detects a question in an incoming message, a new notification shade slides in from the bottom of the screen with one-tap responses like “yes,” “no” or “on my way.” Google says to expect this feature to begin rolling out in the coming months.

  • Google is also rolling out enhancements to Android Auto’s voice search. You should be able to tap and just say the name of an artist or song to start listening, rather than the whole “Listen to The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret by Queens of the Stone Age on Spotify” rigmarole. At least, that’s the promise. You’ll probably still need to clarify for songs with common titles — did you mean Jump by Kriss Kross, Van Halen or the Pointer Sisters?

Finally, the previously announced digital car key feature is finally available, but only on Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S21 devices and only select countries. People who use these devices, and who also happen to own a compatible BMW, should soon be able to lock, unlock and start their car with a tap of their phone.