Google is developing a new “Switch to Android” app for the iPhone

Google is developing a new

Unlike the current data transfer method which is built into Pixel phones as part of the set up process, this one appears to be a downloadable app from the Play Store and iOS App Store. What’s more, it looks as though it will work over Wi-Fi, similar to the Clone Phone type apps from the likes of Huawei and Oppo. With those apps – for instance Oppo’s Clone Phone – you download the Clone Phone app onto your old Android phone, then scan a QR code with a camera which then tells the phone to connect to that device as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Once connected, you select which items you want to copy. That includes everything from SMS messages through to photos, video, music and calendar events. Then confirm and it all transfers wirelessly.

Evidence shows that Google is developing a new app and technique for transferring data from an iPhone to an Android phone. It’s named, predictably, ‘Switch to Android.’ In theory, Apple iOS customers will be able to replicate their applications, SMS, contacts, media, and other data from their iPhone to their new Android handset. And it appears to be done wirelessly. The information was discovered by 9to5Google, which disassembled an APK and discovered mention of the programme as well as some suggestions as to how it operates.


  • The only difference here is that these apps don’t typically work for iPhone users and are manufacturer specific. The closest thing in existence right now is Samsung’s Smart Switch app, which will let you copy across near enough everything from your iPhone to a new Samsung device. With more and more people buying phones from companies like Xiaomi, it makes sense for Google to release a service to the App Store that makes it possible to transfer between iPhone and Android that’s not manufacturer specific.