Google has released the complete agenda for Google I / O 2022, shedding light on what to expect

Google has released the complete agenda for Google I / O 2022, shedding light on what to expect

Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, will break the ice and open up the event with a “Google I/O keynote” at 10 AM. During this part, you can expect to hear announcements about some of Google’s services, health, green projects, privacy, as well as future and current new plans for the company. Word on the street is that we might also get to see an announcement of the budget Pixel phone—the Pixel 6a. There is also some chance that the highly anticipated Pixel Watch could be announced, which a Redditor managed to get their hands on just recently.

Google’s I/O event in 2022, which will be held at the Shoreline Amphitheater on May 11 and 12, is almost here, and the company has recently announced a schedule with the keynotes and workshops that will be included. (Image courtesy of XDA-Developers) Typically, Google’s I/O event focuses on developer announcements, but we expect some interesting content for enthusiasts and regular users as well.


  • Anything else that follows will mainly be regarding developers such as AR tools, AI and machine learning, Chrome OS, etc. The schedule also shows dedicated parts that will center around “What’s new in Google Play,” “A path to a world without passwords,” “What’s new in Google Play,” and “What’s new for the web platform.” If you want to find out more, you can check our article on how to watch and what to expect at the 2022 Google I/O. Im looking forward to the Google Home Talk, hopefully we get to see the future software & what will happen once Thread is enabled?

  • Of course, Google being a company that’s heavily invested in AI, we can also expect some smart device announcements and improvements regarding the Google Assistant. This mind includes new smart speakers and any kind of devices intended for your home. After the more mainstream and consumer-oriented part of the event is done, next in line is the Developer keynote and “What’s new in Android.” This is when we expect to hear news about Android 13 and Wear OS.