Google has inadvertently blocked some Android users from making calls: ways to fix it

Google has inadvertently blocked some Android users from making calls: ways to fix it

Google Pixel 6 release date, price, Tensor chip, specs and news. Take a look at the best Android phones available now. Plus: I just bought the Galaxy Z Fold 3, and I’ll never go back to a non-foldable phone. “After the latest update to the Google Search App on Android, the users of certain mobile phones are experiencing difficulty in receiving and making calls,” announced a Google community manager, Beeping Computer reported. You may not even realize you have this app installed on your Android phone, but it’s typically one of the pre-installed Android apps that comes with your device out of the box. It lets you search the web and check your news feed and use Google Assistant from one convenient place, but it does overlap with other dedicated apps offered by the company.

Because of a faulty update, the Google app may be preventing you from making calls. If you’re among the handful of individuals who still use their cellphones to make phone calls, Google may have unintentionally destroyed your day. According to a Bleeping Computer report, a bug in the Google app has made certain Android phone users unable to make or receive calls. If you’ve encountered the problem, there is already an upgrade available, however the fact that Google has created such a serious issue with phone operation with an item that carries its name has surely caused some angry faces in Mountain View.


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  • While Google hasn’t confirmed the phones affected by the issue, it looks like this issue mainly affects LG smartphone owners, including users of the LG G7 ThinQ, LG V40 ThinQ and LG Q70, based on complaints found by Bleeping Computer. If you are facing this problem, you should just need to update your Google app. This may happen automatically, but if you want to take care of it yourself check out our guide on how to update Android apps. However, some users have said they needed to uninstall the Google app to fix the problem. So keep that in mind if you’re still unable to use the “phone” part of your smartphone.