Google files a patent for a single front-facing camera under a smartphone screen

Google files a patent for a single front camera under the screen of a smartphone

Tech News: Google files a patent for a single front-facing camera under a smartphone screen.

Efforts to reduce bezels and notches at the top of smartphones are hampered by one of the main must-have features: the front camera. While many Android devices have adopted the “hole” over the iconic Apple notch, Google may be headed for a unique under-display camera.

Reported and illustrated by Lets Go Digital, a new from Google details how the company wants to implement an under-screen camera differently than its competitors.

Under-display cameras as a concept are nothing new. In January, the ZTE Axon 20 5G became the first handheld to offer an under-display smartphone camera in an effort to create an uninterrupted main display.

Unfortunately, the Axon 20’s camera isn’t particularly good and has image degradation issues that are a direct result of its placement under the display. The technology is young, and while ZTE has definitely tried the first proof of concept, Google tries to iterate and improve.

As this is a new technology that can be difficult to implement properly, Google seems to have found an interesting solution. The company filed a patent in September last year for a “full screen display with a secondary display camera” in which the front camera is positioned below the screen and an additional display panel is integrated. This would be the OLED panel with the same pixel density as the main screen.