Google Duo might not work on uncertified Android devices in coming time

Google Duo may not work on non-certified Android devices in the future

Tech News: Google Duo might not work on uncertified Android devices in coming time.

It looks like Google Duo will soon stop working on non-certified Android devices, following the trend set by the Google Messages app. Earlier this week, an update to the Google Messages app included a warning that the app would no longer work on “non-certified” Android devices. A certified device is one that has been tested by Google, can use the name “Android” and comes with a suite of Google apps, including playback services.

For the average person who simply buys a family phone from their operator or dealer, the chances of encountering an uncertified device are slim. That said, a notable example is that recent Huawei devices aren’t certified for Play Services.

The latest Google Duo update – version 123, which is now being distributed via the Play Store – includes a notification similar to that for Google Messages.

Duo will be leaving soon.

Since you are using an unsupported device, Duo will soon deregister your account on this device. Download your clips and call history to avoid losing them.

Although the wording is slightly different, indicating “an unsupported device” instead of “non-certified” Android devices, a quick look at the Google Duo app code reveals that it is indeed linked to “GmsCompliance”.

In short, if your Android phone isn’t properly certified to use Google Play Services, it may soon lose the ability to make and receive Google Duo calls. Unlike the Google Messages notification that mentions March 31, Google Duo doesn’t communicate exactly when it will stop working on affected devices.