Google clarifies which Pixel phones will receive the beta of Android 12L

Google clarifies which Pixel phones will receive the beta of Android 12L

Android 12L is currently available as a developer preview, but it’s really just meant for Android Studio users for now. The first public beta is set to launch in December, though, so if you’ve missed running early access software on your phone, you won’t have to wait too long to test experimental features once more. Despite its focus on foldables and tablets — and the ever-rumored “Pixel Fold” remaining nothing more than an idea — current Pixel phones will gain access to the beta release next month.

Last week, Google stunned us with the launch of Android 12L, a follow-up version to its recently announced OS upgrade aimed exclusively towards folding phones and tablets. Although you can’t download it on your phone right now, a public beta will be ready and available to Pixel users soon. Here’s everything we know so far about when — or whether — your phone will receive it.


  • As for when non-beta Pixel testers can expect Android 12L to hit their devices, Google’s timeline for updates pegs it for sometime after February 2022. But what if you aren’t using a Pixel phone? After all, if this iteration is designed to focus on foldables and tablets, it might be good to see it reach, you know, foldables and tablets. Google has confirmed the Galaxy Z Fold3 is getting some Android 12L features “soon,” including “Activity Embedding” support for displaying two features from the same app at once (via 9to5Google). As for tablets, Lenovo’s P12 Pro will get its own developer preview soon, though we don’t know exactly when just yet.

  • Initially, the Pixel 3a and 3a XL were missing from this lineup, an odd omission considering they’re under the three-year update policy until next May. However, several days after publishing its list, both phones now appear as eligible for next month’s beta. The Pixel 4 XL — another phone excluded — is still missing, but considering it shares near-identical specs with the Pixel 4, it seems like it may be another accidental skip.

Presumably, other devices will follow sometime after next March, when the official release finally drops. Considering Google is warning users that most of its new features won’t be noticeable on standard phone screens, this might be one patch worth waiting patiently for. Two days after we noticed Google hadn’t included the Pixel 3a and 3a XL on its list of supported Android 12L devices, the company added both phones to the lineup. The Pixel 4 XL, however, is still missing. We’ve updated our coverage.