Google Calendar can now automatically generate a meeting document for your notes

Google Calendar can now automatically generate a meeting document for your notes

This is all thanks to some Google Docs integration. As noted by Android Police, while creating or editing a meeting entry stored in Google Calendar, you can make use of the ‘Create meeting notes’ option. Besides, you can also attach a file to an already scheduled event by clicking the ‘Take meeting notes’ option. Clicking this option from the event panel will generate a new Docs file.

Google Calendar is gaining a new function, according to a recent statement. Notably, this feature would allow Google Calendar to automatically produce meeting papers for notes from a calendar item. If you attend meetings on a frequent basis, it is not uncommon to lose track of what was discussed in a few of them. Especially if the meeting is scheduled very early in the morning. Having thorough meeting notes might be useful, but sharing them with everyone participating in the meeting can be time-consuming. To address this, Google is introducing the option to instantly produce a meeting document from calendar notes.


  • Moreover, this attachment is shared with every member of the meeting. This negates the need to manually send emails to every participant about what was or will be discussed in a meeting. If you are the one creating an event, then you can decide whether the notes should be shared with other participants or not. The attachment will not be shared with attendees automatically. You will also have the option to add more attachments to the calendar event.

  • Google Calendar meeting notes feature is live for Workspace, G Suite Business, and Basic customers. Once you hit the ‘Take meeting notes’ option, Google will automatically create a document file. This will include key information, such as a title and the date of the meeting, participants’ names, along with some subheadings. This newly created document file will be attached with the meeting entry created on the Google Calendar app. Attendees can refer to this attachment at any time they want.

There will be no admin control over this feature nor any end-user setting. Google is starting to push this new feature for Google Calendar starting October 5, 2021. Do note that it may take around 15 days for the feature to become visible to every user. According to the official Workspace blog, it will be available for all Google Workspace customers. It also includes G Suite Basic and Business customers. You can download the latest version of Google Calendar from Play Store.