Google Assistant on Android now plays personal Youtube Music playlists

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Google Play Music will close its store globally this month. Months ago, Google warned about making Youtube Music the default replacement by introducing convenient transfer options. Now, the Google Assistant on Android supports YouTube Music playlists.

They can be playlists that users have created over the course of months or playlists they particularly like. All they have to do is command the Google Assistant to play a playlist without even specifying YouTube Music, especially if it’s the default.

A 9to5 Google report finds that to start a personal playlist on YouTube Music, users can say “Hey Google, play X playlist” or “Ok Google, play X”. Users can also ask the Google Assistant to play their likes the same way.

It seems like a decent attempt by Google to make the new Youtube Music a go-to place for music lovers who have personally curated playlists on YouTube Music. Some tips on Reddit’s unofficial YouTube Music subreddit, however, claim that the Google Assistant plays YouTube music from the connected YouTube account.

Users have noticed that it is annoying as anyone with branded or customer account will have to log in to switch accounts by effectively switching YouTube Music account. To avoid confusion, there are suggestions that the YouTube Music account should be separated from the connected YouTube account.

It’s unclear whether this feature is a Google test or is going to stick around. Google is making a lot of changes to direct Google Play Music users to YouTube Music. Google Play Music that goes beyond September will be converted into Play Store credits. Google Play Music has already disappeared for some Windows OS users, a report from Android Headlines noted.

Previously, YouTube Music was not supported by the Google Assistant. This means that users cannot ask the Google Assistant to play music from their Youtube Music playlists. The feature is not region specific and is now available internationally.

Previously, the Google Assistant didn’t support YouTube Music. It now plays users’ personal playlists.

News Underline:

  • Google Assistant for Android now supports YouTube Music.
  • Users must command Google Assistant to play a playlist without even specifying YouTube Music, especially if it’s the default.
  • Google Play Music will become defunct globally this month.

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