Google Assistant may soon help users sleep better by suggesting right timings

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The Google Assistant may soon be highlighting a feature or tool to help users sleep. It will achieve this by offering users the ability to link their Assistant accounts with health services that monitor their sleep times, schedule their alarms by adding users’ sleep routines, and answer health-related questions.

According to a report from 9to5 Google, the current beta version of Assistant displays text strings of this feature which focuses primarily on health and fitness. If Google Assistant comes up with this feature, it will most likely be on Fitbit bands as Google watches the upcoming acquisition.

The potential functionality of Google Assistant appears to be along the lines of the recently launched Google Smart lights that activate according to the sleep routines of its users. The potential feature can also answer its users’ sleep-related questions. Google’s smart lights establish automated lighting schedules based on the lifestyle of its users.

The report was based on an APK analysis, which means the feature may or may not come up. The feature, if started, will delete users’ audio recordings to maintain their privacy as per the report.

One of these APK text strings reads: “On devices that have proactive health and fitness outcomes enabled, the assistant will show this data, tips and related content without you having to ask. This data also helps to troubleshoot and improve your health and fitness experience with the Assistant. Once the Assistant has successfully fulfilled your request to update, view, or answer questions about this data, Google will delete your audio query. text of your request and other information about using the assistant are used to troubleshoot, develop and improve the assistant’s services. “

Meanwhile, Google has promised to keep sleep tracking or health-related features open to competitors as it faces scrutiny from regulators. “We are also formalizing our long-standing commitment to support other wearables manufacturers on Android and to continue to allow Fitbit users to connect to third party services via APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) if they wish,” he said. Google said in a statement to Reuters said.

The Google Assistant could bring out a feature that helps users sleep by connecting them to health services.

News Underline:

  • The Google Assistant may highlight a feature that helps users sleep better.
  • The potential feature will help users track their sleep, such as questions related to to sleep.
  • If the feature comes out, it will most likely be on the Fitbit bands as Google looks to its acquisition.

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