Gmail gets a new logo, mail envelope gone

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If you use Gmail to exchange all your daily emails, you would have noticed its logo which is like a white envelope with the edges covered in red. Google has replaced it with something more colorful that pairs well with other Google products.

The new Gmail logo is now a letter M made up of four colors: blue, red, green and a touch of yellow. This is the four-color scheme used for all other Google platform logos including Chrome, Google Maps, Google Photos, Play Store, and more.

For the new Gmail logo, the first line of the letter M is colored blue, the dot in the center is filled with red, and the second line is green. But as mentioned above, users will also see some yellow on the right shoulder of the letter M.

Google has also updated the Calendar, Docs, Meet, and Sheets logos to match the new Gmail design. The new logos are part of a larger overhaul of Google’s G Suite software, which is now Google Workspace.

Google Workspace was introduced to unify Google’s workplace productivity tools such as Gmail, Meet, and Chat. The new Workspace aligns the software suite to meet the challenges of remote working. “Google Workspace offers people a familiar and fully integrated user experience that helps everyone succeed in this new reality, whether you are in the office, working from home, on the front line or interacting with customers,” notes the post from the Google blog.

The post also reads: “In the coming months we will also bring this new experience to consumers to help them do things like create a neighborhood group, manage a family budget or plan a party using integrated tools such as Gmail, Chat, Meet, Docs and Tasks.” .

The new Gmail logo is now a letter M made up of the four-color combination of Google’s signature.

News Underline:

  • Google updated its Gmail logo which was a red and white envelope.
  • The new Gmail logo is now a letter M made up of four colors: blue, red, green and a touch of yellow.
  • The new logo blends well with all other logos from Google platforms such as Chrome, Google Maps and Google Photos.

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