Global chip shortage likely to affect MacBook and iPad production

Global chip shortage likely to affect MacBook and iPad production

Tech News: Global chip shortage likely to affect MacBook and iPad production.

Apple has delayed the production of some MacBook and iPad models due to the global shortage of chips in the electronics and automotive industries, Nikkei Asia reported. For the MacBook, the supply chain problem has affected a key manufacturing stage involving the assembly of parts on printed circuit boards prior to the final assembly of the laptop. Production of the iPad was delayed due to a shortage of screens and display components.

According to Nikkei, the chip shortage has not yet had a major impact on product availability for consumers and remains a problem in the supply chain. Whether that will continue remains to be seen, with the tech giant reportedly moving some of its parts orders for the devices. from this half of the year to the second half. Analysts and technology leaders told the news organization Apple is known for its complex supply chain and has the leverage to quickly procure the parts you need. The fact that even such a large company has been affected by this problem means it is becoming more serious and could have a greater impact on smaller players in the coming months.

The electronics and automotive industries began to feel the effects of the semiconductor shortage after work and the resulting home study arrangements from the coronavirus pandemic caused a sharp rise in demand for PCs and other devices last year. Car manufacturers like Ford and Nissan have had to scale back their car production and Sony said that due to this problem, the PlayStation 5 shortage will remain for a few months. It has become such a major concern that the Biden administration is planning “aggressive steps” to address the problem, including “identifying supply chain bottlenecks.”

Apple’S iPhone manufacturing was unaffected by the semiconductor shortage, although Tim Cook told Reuters in January that the iPhone The 12 Pro model was facing supply constraints.