Gironand professional cycling: what is it about?

Aspiring pro Joe Laverick is working his way to a major contract and will be sending columns throughout the season. Riding Axeon-Hagens Berman this year, Joe has a unique perspective on the routes and roadblocks in the pro ranks. In this installment, consider why the Spanish city of Girona has become such a hub for professional cyclists.

After months of planning, a lot of stress and an 18 hour day of travel, I’m finally in Girona. As of this writing, I’ve been here for about three weeks. I had never been here before moving, and often found myself wondering: why is there so much pro peloton in Girona? In this piece, I will try to provide this insight.

My travel day was a disaster. While I had all the documents to allow me to go from from the UK to Spain, he was just a bastard. To summarize quickly: car, train, three hours of waiting, train, train, four hours of waiting, plane, car. Yes, it was long. And it was damn expensive. But now I’m here, so I’ll stop complaining.

Girona, or “city G” if you want to get a little nervous or take the mick, is a mecca for professionals. When Lance Armstrong and George Hincapie moved here from Nice in 2000, …

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