GeForce NOW on PC now supports 4K resolution and Android now supports 120 frames per second

GeForce NOW on PC now supports 4K resolution and Android now supports 120 frames per second

NVIDIA adds 4K streaming support for GeForce NOW on PC & Mac
If the computer is your device of choice for GeForce NOW streaming, then your experience is about to get better from today onwards. That is, if you subscribe to the RTX 3080 tier. If you do, then the PC and Mac apps now support 4K streaming for games. The 4K resolution is available in the native apps for both PC and Mac, and games also run at 60 frames per second. Additionally, the RTX 3080 tier now supports five more Android devices for the 120Hz frame rate. This includes the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Ultra, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, and the OnePlus 9 Pro.

After months of only being accessible on the SHIELD TV, NVIDIA has finally launched 4K streaming for GeForce NOW on PC. NVIDIA officially announced the GeForce NOW RTX 3080 tier last year. This enabled the streaming of PC games in 4K Ultra HD quality. However, since the debut of that tier, 4K streaming has only been accessible on NVIDIA’s own Android TV device. Even with multiple phones and PC setups capable of supporting locally installed 4K games. That is changing today. There’s a lot more in today’s GeForce NOW release. On Android smartphones, there is also capability for streaming games at 120 frames per second. In addition to a new crop of games being introduced to


  • This week, subscribers can start streaming Star Wars Battlefront II, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and Star Wars: Squadrons. There’s also Trek To Yomi which just launched today, Bakery Simulator, Oaken, Dinosaur Fossil Hunter, Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters, Frozenheim, and then finally Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit which opens up on May 6. Get ready, BTS ARMY! Shortly after revealing additional details about their forthcoming anthology album, Proof, the K-pop group shared the title, single art and corresponding video release date of the project’s lead single on Friday (May 6).

  • Unfortunately, your device isn’t supported if it’s not listed here or if it wasn’t supported already. Even if it has a 120Hz display. Though that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hold out hope that support won’t eventually arrive. 27 games join the service this month, with 10 coming this week Outside of the service’s new features, NVIDIA is adding a lot of new games this month for subscribers to stream. In total there will be 27 games coming in May. 10 of those games are available today though. With some big releases that come from a galaxy far, far away to celebrate May the 4th.