GCR’s recently launched Mainnet is aimed at non-cryptographic partners

GCR's recently launched Mainnet is aimed at non-cryptographic partners

This is exacerbated by the fact that many DeFi projects do not really pay attention to this subsection of the market. Without a doubt, the majority of the decentralized applications (dApps) out there are quite complex to operate, at least for someone with limited or no knowledge of how the crypto ecosystem operates.

However, while secure, trustless, borderless transactions are essential for financial inclusion, they don’t guarantee access to everyone, especially not to those who are not intrinsically crypto savvy.


  • Thankfully, with the launch of the GCR mainnet, an end to this substantial limitation is imminent. In an exclusive interview with DailyCoin, Arturas Svirskis, co-founder at GCR network, shared his insights on how the blockchain project can be of help, especially to those partners and end-users who lack crypto-specific knowledge.

  • For instance, not everyone understands what the terms yield farming, spot trading, or futures represent, and that’s to mention only a few. Sadly, these are just some of the features that typically exist on most decentralized exchanges (DEXes) without much explanation at all, meaning that a non-crypto savvy user may have a difficult time navigating the ecosystem.

Briefly, before we go on to uncover some of Arturas’ insights about the blockchain project, it is important to establish some of the unique attributes of the GCR network.

For those unfamiliar with the GCR network, the primary purpose of building its own mainnet, according to the project’s founder, is to create a common ground between the traditional business world and the blockchain ecosystem as a whole.

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The GCR Network is a multipurpose network and a hybrid chain system that provides enterprise-grade solutions. Notably, the Network enables a seamless onboarding process for both institutional investors and general non-crypto savvy partners at large.

More so, the GCR network is segmented into two major sub-platforms: the GCR digital asset Alliance, and Network. The GCR digital asset Alliance is similar in nature to conventional internet banking platforms. While it doubles as a DEX platform, the GCR Alliance platform can be accessed by individuals for any exchange activities. On the other hand, the GCR Network doubles as a host blockchain for corporate institutions and “tech heads” with existing business models who are seeking to tokenize their asset portfolios, supply chains, and more. Moving on, how is GCR mainnet approaching the non-crypto savvy part of the world?

“GCR Mainnet will Cater for the non-crypto savvy part of the world” Although there has been a massive adoption of crypto assets around the world especially in 2021, a large chunk of the populace remains reluctant to step into the space, owing to what they believe to be the complex nature of participation.

That said, an additional purpose of building the newly-launched mainnet has been to create a gateway that enables users without crypto acumen to access the sector as well as interact with various crypto assets. “We are catering for the non-crypto savvy part of the world, especially as our solution creates a gateway for them to access and interact with various crypto asset. In addition to creating a gateway system, we are also ensuring that new users are onboarded to a very regulated and safe environment, unlike the majority of other DEX projects out there,”

“So our GCR Alliance platform, which is the exchange that’s linked to our website, resembles far more an internet banking application than a crypto exchange. We eliminate all the buy, sell, futures, all these types of things. Instead, we simply allow for flash conversions and we allow for very easy entries and exits into the platform,” Arturas explained.

The new GCR mainnet, in addition to being a host blockchain, also features a crypto exchange that is similar in nature to conventional internet banking platforms. Namely, the GCR Alliance platform eliminates all of the complexities of a typical DEX platform, and replaces them with an easy-to-navigate alternative. Svirskis noted.