Galaxy S22 Ultra’s frightening periscope camera displays images and poses a threat to your privacy – limit long-range zoom

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Before the modern periscope zoom lens takeover, punching in to take 5-10x zoom shots was unthinkable, but that’s not the case anymore. Fast forward to today, long-range zoom cameras on phones are: A huge selling point on most premium flagships Always a fun feature that gets a reaction from your friends. A reason to be more inspired, intentional, and artistic with your phone camera

I was blown away with the Huawei P30 Pro when it launched in March 2019. Naturally, the focus was on its (then) Leica-branded camera system, as Huawei was swiftly becoming the market leader in smartphone photography. However, one camera in particular caught my attention since it was unlike anything I had ever seen. The modern application of the Periscope zoom lens appeared out of nowhere and changed how people use zoom on smartphones. Intriguingly, ultra-wide-angle cameras were “all the craze” up until 2019. While they are cool and somewhat useful, they have never been able to elicit the same (literally) jaw-dropping response from my friend as a 50x zoom photo from an excellent periscope camera.


  • Long-range zoom on phones can also be very practical in more “normal” use cases, like if you’re trying to read a sign; recording your kids’ school performance from a distance, or catching a closer look of your favorite football/soccer star at the stadium, even if your cheap seat wouldn’t usually allow it.

  • Street photography, architectural photography, wildlife photography, portrait photography, action/sports photography – these are just part of the incredible suborders of “point-and-shoot” that long-range zoom cameras on phones allow now! Of course, the fact that you’ll always have this camera in your pocket is the real game-changer. You never need to think twice about catching that bird on the rooftop and your dog’s distance run at the park.

So, it’s clear – the benefits of long-range zoom cameras on phones are a ton, and they unlock a photographic potential that smartphone enthusiasts had only dreamed of. But with great power comes great responsibility! I’m sure that’s the first time you’ve heard this totally original saying. A criminal invasion of privacy charge is a Class 2 misdemeanor, which can carry a jail sentence ranging from three months to one year and/or a fine from $250 to $1,000. The invasion of privacy offense can become more serious if the person who took the videos or images did so for their own sexual gratification.


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