Gabb Wireless’s latest filtration technology is designed to protect young people from unwanted phone calls and messages

Gabb Wireless's latest filtration technology is designed to protect young people from unwanted phone calls and messages

Gabb Wireless announced today its new Gabb Guard filtration suite, a system designed to protect your kids from unwanted calls and texts. It doesn’t come for free, though. The service costs $0.99 per month and comes standard on all Gabb phones. This term plan gives ₹2.79 lac premium back at no extra cost*^ “As the leader in safe tech for kids, Gabb Guard will allow us to take another important step in ensuring families are protected from unwanted connections,” said Nate Randle, CEO of Gabb Wireless. “This added protection ensures kids are communicated with as intended, without unwelcome distractions, so they can explore the positive aspects of technology and life off the screen.”

To block robocalls, Gabb Guard’s call filtration mechanism is built into the Gabb Phone dialer. Gabb Wireless has announced the release of a new kid-friendly technology. Unwanted calls and messages are blocked by the new Gabb Guard filtration technology. It costs $0.99 per month and is now included with all Gabb phones. By setting a few restrictions that prevent undesirable apps from being downloaded, the Gabb Phone Z2 is designed to give parents piece of mind. Gabb Wireless wants to advance that endeavour with a new filtering system. It’s a kind of safety safeguard and a way to keep your kids away from distractions.


  • It’s also intended to keep unwanted SMS content at bay. Gabb uses its own artificial intelligence to automatically block URLs, attachments, swear words, sexual content, and violent messages sent by unknown senders. And, in keeping with the company’s goal of reducing distractions for children, the call and SMS filtration services do not require the installation of a separate app on your child’s phone. The Gabb Phone Z2 is a phone that will keep you and your child connected while also providing you with peace of mind because they will not have access to distracting apps.

  • The company collaborated with call filtration software provider, Hiya, to bake the latest kid-safe technology into the Gabb Phone dialer. This helps to verify the caller ID and block robocalls. That said, it does allow calls from a 911 dispatcher, for example. Gabb noted that other brands, including the best phones for kids, rely on whitelist services to let parents manually enter contacts into their children’s devices.

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