from Microsoft Phone The Link app will soon receive these additional features

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This will allow you to type the senders’ names, and the Phone Link app will show all the messages you received from them. You can also type the text you want the app to display. For example, if you type “Neowin” in the new “Search messages” area, it will show all the relevant messages. There are some subtle changes coming soon to the messaging experience in the Phone Link app. Messages will now be categorized into two parts: ones you received recently and others that are hidden, as can be seen in the screenshot below. You can also “Unhide” a message from the app.

Microsoft formed a special division named “AMPX” as part of their ongoing attempt to improve Android integration on Windows. Starting with the Phone Link app, users may soon notice some of the benefits of the new division. Microsoft’s Phone Link will get some cool new features and upgrades in the coming days, according to serial leaker Aggiornamenti Lumia. The ability to search for messages, similar to how you do on your smartphone, is one of the handy tools Microsoft hopes to add.


  • Another small change is that there will be some border-spacing between notifications. Also, the ability to pin and clear an individual notification may not appear in the top right corner of the notification. Microsoft is either getting rid of them or hiding them behind a right-click. There are also some small UI tweaks in the connectivity status. Aggiornamenti Lumia hasn’t mentioned anything about a the timeline of when these changes will come to the Phone Link app. But we hope Microsoft will bring them sooner rather than later. Which upcoming Phone Link features are you excited about the most? Let us know in the comments.

  • Phone Link new featuresScreenshot of the Phone Link app containing new features | Image: Aggiornamenti Lumia. Not all upcoming features are meant to improve the messaging experience. Microsoft seems to be planning to make minute changes to Phone Link’s Notifications panel. In the screenshot shared by the leaker, we don’t see the three dots view beside “Notifications.” In its place, there will be an option to clear all notifications just by a click. Currently, clicking on the three dots view will bring a menu containing three options, “Refresh,” “Customize,” and “Clear all.”


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