Free Xbox Live Gold games have been announced for February 2022

Free Xbox Live Gold games have been announced for February 2022

From February 16 to March 15 – Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield (normally $11.99) – Take on the role of Wally, a mysterious character always in motion as you run, jump, slide, or dash to the soundtrack of Danime-sama. With the average runtime of an action movie, this is a game built for both speed runners and casual gamers alike.

Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse (usually $24.99) is available for the entire month. Play as George Stobbart, an American, and Nico Collard, a caustic French journalist, on the hunt for a stolen painting and a murderous plot. A conspiracy with origins dating back before the written word leads to the start of yet another epic Broken Sword adventure.


  • From February 16 to 28 – Band of Bugs (normally $9.99) (plays on Xbox One) – Play as your Avatar and fight against, spider, bugs, and even your friends in Spider Hunter Mode. Band of Bugs is a fast playing, accessible game for fans of the tactics-strategy genre, that puts you into the game.

  • From February 1 to 15 – Hydrophobia (normally $8.99) (plays on Xbox One) – Use the engineering skills of the heroine, Kate, to fight back against terrorists who have taken control of her floating city. Featuring fast-paced action and breathtaking visuals, unleash the power of the water itself to wipe out your enemy, in this third-person survival adventure game.