Free Game Days: Download and Play These Xbox Games (July 14-17)

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As always, remember that you’ll require Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to take advantage of these official Free Play Days titles. All three will be live until the end of this Sunday night on July 17th. All of these games are on sale during the weekend as well, with For The King available at 70% off, MLB The Show 22 available at up to 50% off, and Tropico 6 also available at up to 50% off (the Next Gen Edition is 40% off).

Including this roguelike-inspired strategic role-playing game. Another round of Free Play Days games is now available! This weekend, Xbox Live Gold subscribers may play three more games for free, and they are currently available for download. What is therefore included this week? Along with the tactical RPG with roguelike features For The King, Tropico 6 and MLB The Show 22 are two games that are already a part of Xbox Game Pass.



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