Free Card Game Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel first cross-play and cross-save

  Free Card Game Yu-Gi-Oh!  Master Duel first cross-play and cross-save

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel, a free card game released on Steam this winter, is making a makeover at this year’s anime event, Jump Festa. This is a new review of gameplay and gives more details on how the game works. This includes a message that it supports cross-platform at boot time.
In addition to the new gameplay trailer (Japanese, included below), Konami is that YuGiOh! Master Duel allows you to fight players from all over the world, regardless of which platform they are using. This feature is available from the beginning. Given the release of games on Steam for PC, Nintendo Switch, current and past PlayStation and Xbox consoles, iOS and Android, it means a significant number of cross-play players.
In addition, there is a cross-save feature on various platforms. Konami explained in a press release that players can link Master Duel game data between platforms. This means that if you want to go back and forth between your PC, console, and phone and resume where you left off, you can transfer your progress between your PC, console, and phone. The trailer seems to be in Japanese only for now, but reveals some of the other features of the card game. For example, there is a solo campaign mode to explore the inside story of the card, and there are tournaments and events that you can participate in if you want to play against others. In addition, it has “extensive” deck building capabilities and over 10,000 cards to unlock (although you may need to make in-game purchases or attend events). The new clips are: The game also includes a “detailed” tutorial. So if you want to play card games but aren’t very familiar with card games or YuGoOh, it could be a good place to start. Trading card games, specials.
There is no specific Yu-Gi-Oh! The Master Duel hasn’t been released yet, but will hit Steam sometime this winter.