For unlimited options, Google Fi has lowered the prices and raised the data

For unlimited options, Google Fi has lowered the prices and raised the data

When it debuted, Simply Unlimited cost $60/month for individuals, dropping to $45 each for two lines, and $30 for plans with three or more people. With today’s new pricing announcement, not only are we seeing discounts of up to $10/line, but Google is also increasing its high-speed data allowance, from 22GB to 35GB. Supposedly only 1% of subscribers actually consume that much data, but you can’t go wrong with having access to more. Google is also making 5GB of hotspot tethering data available for this tier, a feature previously only on the Unlimited Plus plan.

Google Fi announced a new pricing tier just over a year ago. While the new Simply Unlimited plan appeared to be a simple method to bundle unlimited calls, texts, and data, we noted that it wasn’t a very good deal when compared to other carriers’ plans. However, we may want to reconsider, as Google recently announced lower pricing for its Simply Unlimited and Unlimited Plus plans, as well as some additional features for each.


  • While we don’t know all official thinking behind these changes, we know that T-Mobile inked a new MVNO deal with Google in March. These new prices make Google Fi a more competitive alternative to Mint Mobile ($30/month for one line), which also uses T-Mobile’s network, or T-Mobile itself ($60/month for one line).

  • Unlimited Plus subscribers are getting a smaller discount of $5/line. High-speed data allotment is also increasing, but this time all the way up to 50GB. The changes to the Unlimited Plus plan may not be quite as exciting as the Simply Unlimited changes, but doubling high-speed data will be especially nice for heavy users.

Finally, all Google Fi offerings, including both of these Unlimited plans as well as the regular Flexible tier, are getting unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada. While we don’t expect people to be joining Google Fi in droves now, It’s looking more and more attractive, especially for larger groups or heavy data users.