For the third edition of the Android Galaxy Cup, Fortnite will act as the host

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Only players who have an Android device will be able to compete in the cup, with the chance to earn the previously mentioned outfit and the Truth’s Quiver back bling before they arrive in the Item Shop at a later date. Fortnite announced the event in a blog post today. Players have two different opportunities to compete in the Zero Build Galaxy Cup on July 16 and 17. This competition is only accessible to those with Android devices, which means that players on PC and consoles won’t have the chance to win the skin before it’s released in the Item Shop.

Fortnite’s competitive scene has remained active over the past five years, which is one of its charms. Each week, new users who participate in the game win competitions, giving them access to new cosmetics and the chance to win cash prizes. Now that the Galaxy Cup Three has been announced by Fortnite, players have the chance to win the Khari (Galaxy Evolved) skin.



  • To join the competition, players will need to go to the Compete tab in the mode selection screen. This will show the specific time that the cup will start in your region. Players will need to have Two-Factor Authentication on and verified through Epic Games to qualify for any rewards. Galaxy Cup Three is a solo event, so it will be up to the individual players to score their own points. Points can be earned by getting eliminations and lasting until the end of the game. Players who earn 30 points will earn a Victory Royale and reach the top of the leaderboard.


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