For the Google operating system, Android 12 reports the names of the desserts; it will be called “Snow Cone”

  For the Google operating system, Android 12 reports the names of the desserts;  it will be called

Android 12 was launched on Monday, October 4 after month of being in testing phase. The title “Snow Cone” first surfaced in February, but it didn’t get much attention as Google had abandoned naming versions of Android since Android 10. While we didn’t see any names for previous two versions of Android, Android 11 and Android 11 had internal codenames. For example, Android 11 was apparently called Red Velvet Cake internal, while Android 10 was called Queen Cake. A cool background to celebrate the launch of Android Snow Cone!🍧— Dave Burke (@davey_burke) October 4, 2021 Google launched the Android 12 Open Source Project (AOSP) on Monday. Soon after Google’s open source, the manufacturers including Oppo, OnePlus, and Realme have confirmed the release of their custom skins based on Android 12. Google Pixel smartphones are yet to receive the update.

Google’s latest operating software Android 12 is bringing back the tradition of naming versions of Google’s operating system after desserts. Google’s Vice President of Engineering for Android Dave Burke on Monday announced the dessert name for Android 12 on his Twitter. This makes Android 12 the first Android version in the last couple of years to be named after a dessert. Google stopped naming Android versions after desserts with Android 10 in 2019. The last Android version to be named after a dessert was Android 9 that was called “Pie.”


  • Android 12 brings a new and redesigned Android UI that brings the “Material You” design language. It also carries new privacy options like on-screen indicators to alert users when a built-in microphone or camera of the smartphone is in use. There is also an option that will allow users to opt out of ad-tracking. This feature will be launched later this year.