For the 2021 Game Awards, Xbox will host another free demo event

For the 2021 Game Awards, Xbox will host another free demo event

At the time of writing, no official details have been published, however a number of hidden “TGA21” demos had been discovered on the Microsoft Store, hinting that a demo event is on the way. True Achievements discovered the following:

Xbox has hosted a number of free demo events in recent years, and it appears like another will be held in conjunction with The Game Awards 2021, which will take place on December 9th, 2021.


  • Aztech Forgotten Gods TGA21Demo

  • Aspiration: Ina’s Story TGA21Demo

JoshJourneyDarknessTotems TGA21Demo

BreakersCollection TGA21Demo

Scanners of the Mind Demonstration of TGA21

TGA21Demo Outbreak: Contagious Memories – Nobody Saves the World TGA21Demo

RaccooVenture TGA21Demo Demonstration of a Space Boat TGA21

Offroad Super Toy Cars TGA21Demo Ellen’s Pursuit TGA21Demo

Demo of The Darkest Tales TGA21 The Wild Vines and the Gardener TGA21Demo

More and more demonstrations for this event are being revealed all the time, so we’ll just have to wait and see. Xbox is expected to have a pretty big presence at The Game Awards show itself as well, including nominations for a wide variety of awards, along with a persistent rumour that Hellblade 2 might make an appearance…

What’s on the Other Side of the Multiverse? TGA21Demo The Aegean Treasures TGA21Demo