For me, ASUS did the perfect Phone

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Due to the nature of my work, I tend to switch phones often. There is always that one phone that I come back to between reviews, my daily driver, if you will. For quite some time now, that has been the Google Pixel 4a. That may sound quite weird, as I have a lot more powerful, and newer phones at my disposal. Well, with the industry’s trend of making huge phones, I find it hard to find one that would fit my needs. I prefer more compact smartphones, and finding those has been a pain. The Pixel 4a is basically the only one in quite some time that fit my needs. I’ve been using it for a long time, but it was time for a change.

As many of you are already aware, ASUS recently unveiled their newest Android phone, the ZenFone 9. One of the very few tiny phones on the market that are also powerful at the same time, that device is the brand’s new flagship model. Since my coworker received the phone before me, I didn’t get a chance to review it, but I have much to say about it. I can fairly claim that, at least for my purposes, ASUS produced an almost excellent phone after using this item for approximately a week.


  • There was nothing wrong with the ZenFone 8’s design. Many considered it to be even too minimalistic, and bland, to be quite frank. I did as well, though it did not bother me so much. What did bother me to an extent, was how slippery it was. That’s not the case with the ZenFone 9. Not only is it considerably grippier, but it also looks a lot better.

  • I wanted to switch phones quite some time ago, but nothing compelling came out. I briefly used the ZenFone 8, which was a good phone, but it wasn’t exactly as great as it could have been. In comes the ZenFone 9, which is an improvement in almost every way over its predecessor. The ZenFone 9 managed to keep the same display size as its predecessor, while improving in the camera and design departments, first and foremost. In addition to that, ASUS also added some interesting features to the mix, considerably improved the battery life, and voila… an almost perfect phone, for my needs. Well, we know nothing is perfect, but this comes close enough. Let’s break it down, shall we.

The ZenFone 9 replaces glass with polymer on the back. Its backplate feels like paper, but smoother, that’s the best way I can describe it. ASUS also replaced a considerable curve on the back plate with a less steep one, while combining it with flat sides of the frame. The phone feels extremely nice in the hand, while it’s also smaller than its predecessor. That’s also a feat that I have to give ASUS credit for. It managed to shrink its height and width, while keeping the same weight and display size.


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