For Black Friday, get up to 50% off an Anker charger or power bank

For Black Friday, get up to 50% off an Anker charger or power bank

And that’s not the worst of it, as the cost to replace the hardware itself may be pale in comparison to exposing all your data – including potentially sensitive information about you (or your company) – should it fall into the wrong hands.You at least had a lock on the phone, though, right? You sure?

It’s the worst feeling in the world when you realise your phone has vanished. Panic sets in, and you start looking about frantically, lifting sofa cushions and retracing your steps. But wait, did you actually bring it home from the Uber? No, no, no. Of course, with such a small device that you take with you literally everywhere, it’s bound to happen at some point. However, with some versions costing upwards of $1,500, this would be a costly mistake to make.


  • OK, so don’t go into mourning just yet, as there are a few things you can do to retrieve a missing smartphone. Before we cover the various ways to leverage “Find my phone” options, your first call to action – after you take a deep breath, of course – is to get to another phone and call your number.

  • Social media: Instagram head Adam Mosseri to testify before Congress amid mounting criticism. And what about those irreplaceable photos and home movies you recently shot on your device, but didn’t back up. Those detailed notes you had about a billion-dollar idea. Messages with friends and relatives you never deleted, just because.


Whether you still have a landline or need to ask a friend or neighbor for a phone, dial your number and fingers crossed you hear it ring. If it’s on silent, you may still hear it vibrate if on a hard surface. Pro tip: If you own a smart speaker, you can say either “Alexa, where is my phone?” (for Amazon Echo devices) or “OK Google, where is my phone?” (for Google Nest products) and it should ring loudly – even if it’s on silent. Text a message to your phone from a friend’s device, with a message that would appear on your lock screen (assuming you’ve locked it with a PIN, fingerprint scan or facial recognition).