For Android, Rainbow Six Mobile currently accepts pre-registrations

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Rainbow Six Mobile could finally be ready for a global release. The game’s Alpha version seemed to look pretty good and it looked like the game was quite close to being complete (or at least suitable for a global release with some additions). It could be possible that now Ubisoft could be preparing to roll it out so that we finally would have a new AAA title. All had been quiet on the website of the game since the beta and Twitter updates have been sparse and haven’t hinted at anything big yet, aside from the latest tweet which mentions that they might have some upcoming announcements that players shouldn’t miss.

Moving toward a worldwide release? Madhavan Kannan picture Kannan, Madhavan 4 August 2022 Current Time: August 4, 2022 Read Rainbow Six Mobile’s announcement cover in one minute. Image courtesy of Ubisoft. The highly regarded PC and console game Rainbow Six Siege’s mobile adaptation, Rainbow Six Mobile, is currently available for pre-registration from Android users on the Google Play Store. The game has been in development for three years, and just a few months after it was announced, it even underwent a closed alpha test.


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  • In case you aren’t in the loop though and missed the original announcement, then you might not know what Rainbow Six Mobile exactly is. The game is based on Rainbow Six Siege and is a tactical 5v5 shooter where players take the roles of different operators and their tactical skills are put to the test. rainbow six mobile, rainbow 6 mobile gameplay, r6 siege mobile. Image via Ubisoft. The game is being developed by Ubisoft themselves and seems to be a full-blown recreation of the original, just scaled down to work on mobile devices. It was one of the most exciting announcements of this year and really gave mobile gamers something to look forward to. Although there’s no official word yet, it’s best for interested players to sign up on Google Play, as it’s only open on android right now.


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