Flipkart trolled after it tells customer in Nagaland that it doesn’t deliver outside India

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Flipkart got into trouble, for now on social media, after one of its service executives told a customer that the company cannot deliver goods to Nagaland because it does not “deliver out of India”. The answer was likely incorrect as the company later realized his mistake and then apologized.

By that time, the problems for Flipkart had already started with social media users slamming the company for its response to a customer question.

Reports note that Flipkart’s support page on Facebook A question was asked about why the company does not deliver to Nagaland and why it treats the northeastern states differently, presumably from a customer in Nagaland.

To this, Flipkart support replied: “I’m sorry to hear that. We appreciate your interest in shopping with us. However, sellers do not provide our services outside of India. “

The company then realized the mistake and apologized. “We are extremely sorry for the previous unintended error. We strive to ensure functionality nationwide, including the Nagaland regions. We are happy to get in touch with you and provide the options currently available.”

The exchange was shared by Dimapur Today on its page and gathered comments from social media users. One of them said: “Too bad. This is why geography is important and must be made compulsory in school education. “

Flipkart customer support on Facebook was harshly criticized after telling a customer in Nagaland that he does not deliver outside of India. The company realized the mistake and apologized.

News Underline:

  • Flipkart has been criticized on social media for calling Nagaland not a part of India.
  • A Flipkart user requested delivery to Dimapur of Nagaland.
  • Executive delivery of Flipkart customer service is not possible outside of India.

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