Five simple Windows 11 tips that have completely changed the way I work

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From endless windows plaguing your screen to having to jump around that pile of mess, it makes your average workday seem like an endless nightmare of apps and windows. The good news is it doesn’t have to be. While we’ve put together a list of handy Windows 11 tricks to make my life easier, the tips below have changed the way I work for the better — and many of them are effortless to use. Check out the tips and tricks below to see if they make navigating around Windows 11 that much easier.

The goal of Windows 11 is to simplify your life. Windows 11 has a tonne of secret features up its digital sleeve, including voice typing functionality for hands-free operation and enhanced gesture capabilities. Some features are fantastic for just increasing the performance of your PC, but there are others that are even better for helping you get through the workday. It can occasionally be difficult to navigate Windows 11 while working or studying.


  • Similar to Focus Assist introduced in WIndows 10, Focus Sessions keeps you on track for a set amount of time, and tells you when it’s time to have a quick break before heading back to the grind. What’s more, you can even add a to-do list via your Microsoft account to check off everything that needs doing and even link your Spotify account to listen to the right tunes or podcasts.

  • 1. Know when to take a break with Focus Sessions. Here’s the scenario: It’s been a long day but you need to hunker down and churn out a few thousand words before you can officially call it quits. But there’s a new show that’s just dropped, people are constantly looking to chat, and there’s a cold one in your fridge calling your name. Procrastination is knocking at the door, but Windows 11’s Focus Sessions will keep it at bay.

Top without a window in sight while keeping the original the way it is. What’s more, you can quickly switch between the desktops you create by hitting Ctrl + Windows Key + left/right direction key. This can come in handy when you’re working on a huge number of tasks that need separate attention. Or, even better, when you want to switch from work to play.


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